Winter Weather and TriMet

The winter weather continues in the Portland Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

ATU757 President Shirley Block reminded TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane in the last TriMet board meeting how our union and TriMet worked together during past snow and ice events.

Yet TriMet refuses to talk to our union even though Shirley Block participated in many snow and ice events for years while working at TriMet. Shirley helped coordinate with supervisors to get drivers to work so they were able to serve the community.

It seems TriMet says they care about the community, but as we all know actions speaks louder than words. Mr McFarlane give Shirley Block a call and work with her like you have in the past for the operators, riders, and community.

The ATU757 is more than happy and willing to assist it’s members and the community during these trying weather events.

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