Win a FREE copy of “JUST DRIVE: Life in the Bus Lane”

Our union is full of creative folks. We’ve got singers, dancers, artists, and at least one professional clown (no, we’re not kidding about that). Today, we want to celebrate one of our creative folks, the author known publicly as Deke N. Blue.

Deke is a TriMet operator and long-time blogger who writes “From the Driver Side,” where he shares his perspective on life, our community, and transit in Portland from his point of view in the driver’s seat. He recently published an excellent collection of his essays in book form – if you haven’t seen it yet, check out “JUST DRIVE: Life in the Bus Lane,” available on Amazon.

We want to encourage all of our members to take a look at Deke’s book, and so we’re going to make it easy: we’re happy to announce that we’re giving away four FREE copies of JUST DRIVE to ATU 757 members! All you need to do is fill out the form below to enter the drawing, and on Wednesday, March 14th, we’ll randomly pick names from a hat. Please note: we ask you to give us your personal information on that form just to verify that all of the winners are ATU 757 members or retirees, but we won’t hold onto it.

Click here to enter the drawing for one of four FREE copies of Just Drive!