Welcome to the New ATU 757 Website

Dear ATU 757 Members and Allies,

If you visit ATU757.org today, you’ll notice something a little different. We have completely redesigned our website to better meet the communication needs of ATU 757 members across Oregon and Washington.

In some ways, the new site may look similar to the old one. But don’t be fooled by superficial similarities, or the initial appearance of an “unfinished” site. This new website is intended to grow organically and democratically over time, as more and more ATU 757 members submit their own content and feedback and take full advantage of new features.

While the main page of our website will still contain general ATU 757 and ATU International news and information, the real innovation and power of the new site is that each represented property will have its own section that local members will control and be able to add content to. Posts on both the main page and the individual property pages marked as “public” will be viewable by anyone who visits the site. But new privacy features on the website mean that active and retired ATU members will be able to register and log in to view information that your officers, liaisons, stewards, and union staff wish to share with union members only. After registering, you will also be able to comment on individual posts and submit general feedback via simple online forms that will help transform this website into the new home for member dialogue and information sharing.

Please help us grow this new site into the effective communication tool that we envision. If you are an active or retired member of ATU 757, please register as soon as possible. Once your registration has been approved by a webmaster, you will be able to see private content at your represented property and help us grow the site.

In Solidarity,

ATU 757 Leadership & Staff

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