Veterans’ Day

Dear Members,

Veterans’ Day is coming up next month!  Did you know that if you are a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you are entitled in the State of Oregon to take the day off?

ORS 408.495 provides that a veteran of the US Armed Forces may take the day off IF: he or she would otherwise be required to work that day AND he or she provides the employer with at least 21 calendar days’ notice of the intent to take the day off.

Be aware that the employer has the discretion of whether this day off will be paid or unpaid.  Furthermore, you may be required to show documentation of your military service. If your employer determines that it is an undue hardship to grant you the day off, please inform the Union office.  They will have to show evidence of the undue hardship, and grant you a day off at a later date.

If you have any questions about notifying your employer that you intend to take this day off, or if your employer refuses to grant you a day off on Veterans’ day, please call the Union office at 503-232-9144.

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