UPDATE: TriMet to end practice of stranding sick operators

Good news, sisters & brothers – TriMet has officially announced it will end the practice of stranding sick operators on the side of the road when they call in during their shifts. Check out Elliot Njus’ coverage at the Oregonian for more details.

In case you missed it: on Friday, TriMet operator and former ATU 757 Executive Board member Sandy Guengerich shared her experience with being denied road relief and left at Lake Oswego Transit Center while suffering from a cold.

According to TriMet spokesperson Roberta Allstadt, “TriMet’s leadership wants to assure our operators that going forward, if they become ill while on route, they will not be left in the field to find their own ride.”

Company management has been very direct with us that their policy was, in fact, to deny road relief to sick operators as a matter of course. That policy was inhumane and wrong, and we’re glad that TriMet’s leadership has agreed to change it.