Update on New Hire Orientations at TriMet

TriMet sisters & brothers, we’ve received an update from TriMet’s new Executive Director of Labor Relations concerning new hire union orientations. Please see Kimberly Sewell’s statement below, and contact your union representative with any questions:

“Good Morning,

I wanted to share a couple of updates with our union employees concerning new hire orientations and the dues payment procedure since the recent Janus decision. TriMet will pay for one hour of time for a union employee to attend a new hire orientation. As Shirley said in her recent statement to union members, ‘Orientations are an invaluable part of educating and getting to know our new members, and we are grateful that TriMet Labor Relations was so cooperative in getting them scheduled. We look forward to maintaining this collaborative relationship moving forward.’

In order to comply with the recent Janus decision, TriMet and the ATU have agreed upon some basic communication procedures to notify each other of names and contact information for new union employees and membership status of all union employees now that it is no longer mandatory, so the initiation fee and dues can be deducted from the union employee’s paycheck in a timely manner after the employee has elected to join the ATU.

If you have questions, please contact your union rep or anyone in the Labor Relations department. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work together on these important issues with Shirley and her team and look forward to many more collaborations.

Best Regards,
Kimberly Sewell
Executive Director, LR/HR”

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