Update About Retro Pay Under New TriMet Contract

Sisters & brothers, we want to provide our members at TriMet with an update about retroactive wages under the new contact. Previously, TriMet announced that the company would issue retro checks for the February 11th payroll date. However, they have since backtracked, and now say that they will process retro pay on February 11th, which means that they will actually issue the checks a month later on March 7th.

We believe that, if TriMet had approached the Union about this issue, we could have helped them make this a more seamless, less confusing process. Your Wage Committee worked hard to negotiate the three years of wage increases in the new contract, including retro pay. We’re disappointed by this delay, and want to assure you that every member will receive the retro pay to which you’re entitled.

In solidarity,

Mary Longoria, ATU 757 Financial Secretary-Treasurer

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