ULP Settlement in Corvallis with Modern Transit Solutions

Corvallis City Transit sisters & brothers, we’re proud to announce that we have reached a settlement with Modern Transit Solutions on wages, benefits, and hiring!

If your wages were reduced by MTS when they took over the CTS contract, you will begin to receive your correct, negotiated rate under the collective bargaining agreement. While the settlement says that your wages must be restored by January 15th, MTS has told us that they will do so on January 1st, and you should see the higher rate on your January 25th paycheck. You will also receive retro pay for all hours you worked from July 1st, 2018 until your pay is restored. According to MTS, you will receive retro pay on your January 10th paycheck.

On health insurance, MTS has agreed to continue paying $25 per month into your health savings accounts (HSAs). On top of that, they will provide up to $1,200 to workers to reimburse you for the amount you spent to meet higher deductibles under the MTS health insurance plan.

Two specific drivers who were not offered their positions when MTS took over the CTS contract will be offered preferential hiring for the next two available driver positions.

You can review a copy of the settlement below. To protect your confidentiality, we have redacted the affected employees’ names from this public post. If you are a Corvallis City Transit driver and you would like an unredacted copy of the settlement agreement, or if you have any questions or comments about it, please contact President Shirley Block at (503) 232-9144.

This is what unions do: we come together as workers to fight for what’s right, and to protect ourselves from harm when companies don’t have our best interests at heart. Solidarity works, and there is power in a union!

Not yet signed up for the union? Give us a call at (503) 232-9144, and we’ll happily help you with that!

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