TriMet’s Declaration of Impasse

TriMet Brothers and Sisters,

We received TriMet’s declaration of impasse this afternoon. In it TriMet stated that the parties were unable to make any meaningful progress. Unfortunately, as long as TriMet measures progress by how many of their takeaways we accept, they’re right, there was a lack of progress in mediation.

We are disappointed that TriMet, who calls their front-line workers “heroes,” did not take those front-line workers’ interests into account at the bargaining table. Their proposal was full of takeaways and offered very little.

They want to demolish some of the best apprenticeships in the country; programs that are good for our members, our riders, and our community.

They are putting almost no wage increases on the table. They blame COVID, but their front-line workers didn’t use COVID as an excuse when they showed up every day to keep TriMet running. We know that our members, who really are heroes, deserve more than what TriMet is offering, and so we are going to keep fighting for it.

In Solidarity,
ATU 757 Leadership

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