TriMet TAKEAWAYS to Make Transit Unsafe

TriMet Maintenance Brothers & Sisters:

We had our second maintenance focused mediation session with TriMet today, and we regrettably inform you that your employer:

1.   Believes that there should be NO training program for bus and facilities;

2.  Wants to contract out ALL new electric bus work;

3.  Is not offering ANY apprenticeship opportunity to current service workers;

4.  Continues to propose doing away with ALL state or Union training oversight;

5.  Wants to do away with Assistant Supervisor positions;

6.  AND wants to strike out ANY mention of Journeyworkers in the contract.

What can you do?

  • Sign up for public comment by going to on September 23, 2020 starting at 8:30am.
  • Call Doug Kelsey at (503) 962-4831 and Kim Sewell at (503) 962-5656 and let them know what you think!

In Solidarity,

ATU 757 Leadership

Official ATU757 Notice

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