TriMet Brothers & Sisters,

We know that you are going through a lot right now, between protests and a pandemic, few people have it as hard as transit workers right now. Please know that you are not alone, and that all of your Executive Board and Top Three officers are working hard for you, even if some of us do like digital beach backgrounds during Zoom meetings.

Yesterday, Thursday, September 3, we had our first mediation session with TriMet. We are disappointed to say there is not much to report, as nothing has changed. We did not see any signs that TriMet is interested in getting a contract. They continue to propose take-aways while offering little, if anything, in return. We will continue to fight for changes that are necessary, and we will continue to protect contract language that is under attack. Please feel free to reach out to your Executive Board Officer for additional information, but do keep in mind that they cannot share confidential mediation proposals with you.

We know that you are hearing a lot about possible changes to the Incident Review Board. TriMet has been trying to get these changes in since early last year, and we will continue to fight them now, as we have been since their first attempt. We have confirmed that the Review Board will NOT change on October 1. We will continue bargaining over their proposed changes. While we appreciate all the interest we have gotten over the past couple of days and welcome all of your feedback, we would also suggest that you call and/or email TriMet and let them know what a terrible idea such a drastic change to our Incident Review Board is!

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