TriMet Tentative Agreement and Proposal Summary

Below you will find the Tentative Agreement between TriMet and ATU 757, as well as a summary of its major effects.

As part of the Tentative Agreement, the Union would agree to drop part of an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaint against the company. The ULP concerns a violation of the Core Rules, as well as issues related to Oregon’s new paid sick time law. Because the Tentative Agreement brings TriMet’s sick leave policy in line with state law (and would actually be a little more generous than the law requires), we would drop that portion of the ULP, though the Core Rule violation issue would remain. To be really clear, though: we have several outstanding grievances related to the sick time issue which we would NOT drop even if the Tentative Agreement is approved.

ATU and TriMet Tentative Agreement November 2017 by A R on Scribd


ATU Contract Proposal Summary Sheet by A R on Scribd

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