TriMet Powell Garage Parking Update

Sisters & brothers, please be advised that we received the following update from TriMet concerning the Powell Garage parking situation:

TriMet Powell Garage Operator Parking Update

October 29th – December 25th, 2018


  • Beginning 10/29/18 until approximately 12/25/18 when shuttles from Main St. Park and Ride are up and running. Operator parking will be relocated.
  • 60 spots, including ADA accessibile parking and Op of the Year, MRO of the Quarter, etc. will be available in the parking area next to the “Old Lift” building.
  • 70 additional spots will be available in the church parking lot across the street Monday through Friday
  • On weekends: Church parking is NOT AVAILABLE on weekends; Lift parking expands to 119 spots. See map above!


  • Operator badges will be activated to open entrance gate on NE 99th to enter parking area.
  • Lift parking area will only be accessible via this gate, entry AND exit.
  • Expect that after 6am Monday through Friday this lot will be full; relief operators should expect to park off premises. Plan accordingly!
  • Remember, from Powell eastbound, there is no left turn into the church parking lot so you’ll want to come westbound on Powell.

NOTE: Bus operators will not require any parking placards since this is temporary. However, Maintenance should continue use of parking placards.

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