TriMet Not Honoring Previously Approved Vacation


It has come to our attention that TriMet is not honoring previously approved vacation and/or denying requested vacation based on business need.  Please be advised that your vacation is a bargained for right, and we cannot allow TriMet to unilaterally say when you can and cannot exercise that right without showing a legitimate business need. This is a very high threshold, and the Union does not believe TriMet meets it now.

TriMet has created this situation by not hiring enough employees AND creating an environment that encourages a high rate of attrition.  We cannot allow TriMet to continue with these current trends, all while relying on you to volunteer to work additional shifts and overtime. This is not sustainable, and TriMet needs to hear that message from us.

Please contact the Union hall or your Union rep if you have any questions about your vacation, working overtime, working during snow and ice conditions, or anything else.  As the Union Hall is closed today, Thursday, December 8, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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