TriMet negotiations update: October 10th, 2017

Dear Members,

Your Wage Committee met yesterday, October 10, 2017, to discuss the Union’s latest package proposal to TriMet.

Though the parties have reached an impasse, the Union is still engaging with TriMet in an attempt to resolve our issues, and reach an agreement on our upcoming Working and Wage Agreement rather than proceeding to arbitration.

The main issues remain to be outside hires and contracting out of our bargaining unit members’ work. While the Union wishes to keep ALL hiring and ALL work in house, we are also trying to consider TriMet’s stance and seek compromise on these very important issues.

The parties also continue to negotiate other important provisions concerning scheduling, Streetcar Superintendents, and retiree healthcare. Some issues that the parties seem to have agreed upon include sick leave and vacation issues.

Your Wage Committee remains committed to protecting your rights and your work. Their job has not been easy. They continue to offer up creative and reasonable solutions, and we remain hopeful that the parties can come to an agreement with the help of the Wage Committee’s expertise and dedication.

We thank all of you for your patience in this long, exhausting process. We understand that your future at TriMet is largely in our hands, and take that responsibility very seriously. We encourage you to reach out to your Wage Committee and come to Union meetings to remain engaged in this negotiations process.

Though we continue to try to come to an agreement, we are also preparing for arbitration. As of now, Interest Arbitration is scheduled for February. Should it be determined that we will go to interest arbitration, the membership will have an opportunity to vote on the Union’s Last Best Offer before it is submitted to the Arbitrator.