TriMet Lift driver fired for answering call of nature

We’ve said it before and we’ll unfortunately have to say it again – no transit worker should ever face discipline or termination for simply answering the call of nature.

We encourage you to read this article from the Northwest Labor Press highlighting one worker’s story.

ATU 757 members know: schedules are so tight and the pressure to maintain “on-time performance” is so intense that we don’t usually get bathroom breaks. And when we do, we’re lucky to find a clean and safe restroom, if there’s even one available at all. We have members who wear diapers or puppy pads to work, others who just hold it in, and some who dehydrate themselves to avoid having to go entirely. It’s why long-term health outcomes for transit workers are some of the worst of any job: chronic UTIs, kidney stones, infections, and bladder cancers, just to name a few of the most common problems.

We’re going to continue fighting until each and every transit worker can use a clean and safe restroom without fear of losing their job. We’re glad the Northwest Labor Press is covering this vital issue, and how it’s impacted one TriMet LIFT driver. And we’re absolutely grateful to Teress for sharing her story so that we can all work to make bathroom dignity a reality for every one of our members. Teress, thank you for your courage and for speaking out!