TriMet Continues Outsourcing Union Jobs, This Time Fare and Code Enforcement

Sisters & brothers,

Many of you have now heard about TriMet’s recent management “reorganization” which includes plans to outsource code and fare enforcement to Portland Patrol Inc. (PPI). I want you to know, first and foremost, that TriMet did not communicate any part of this plan to the Union. At a time when we have been genuinely trying to work with TriMet, they blindsided us, just like they blindsided you. While we did know in January that TriMet wanted to enter into this contract with PPI, after hearing from us and the community, TriMet reassured us that it wasn’t happening. That clearly wasn’t true. They disrespected me and my fellow officers. They promised transparency to you, the public, and the community, and did not deliver.

TriMet will surely say that this “reorganization” is for the benefit of riders and employees alike. Do not be fooled. The use of PPI to do our work is not good for anyone. We need knowledgeable, experienced people on the system. We need pathways for upward movement for our workers. And we want workers who care about TriMet and its riders helping people get where they want to go. That is not what the PPI contract will get us.

To those not directly affected by this, don’t be fooled into thinking that TriMet won’t try to do the same to you. They have shown that they are intent on whittling away our work, contracting it out piece by piece. We must all support our Fare Enforcement workers, to protect their work, and our own.

If you have any questions about what you can do to be more involved in these efforts, please contact your union representative.

In Solidarity,
Shirley Block

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