TriMet alters light-rail training program after OSHA complaint

Update on our recent OSHA complaint regarding TriMet managers driving revenue vehicles without being held to the same safety standards as our members in safety-sensitive positions:

TriMet is altering its training program for nonunion light-rail managers. The company has promised OSHA that “from now on, managers and directors in this training program will first obtain their CDLs. In LRV training, they will operate trains only while under the direction of safety supervisors, and not pick up passengers when operating on the mainline.” Based on that commitment, OSHA has closed our complaint and considers the issue resolved.

We’re continuing to watch this issue closely. We still have concerns about why exactly TriMet is training nonunion managers to perform union work. And even if they don’t pick up passengers, we believe that TriMet managers operating vehicles should be held to the exact same safety standards as any of our union workers in safety-sensitive positions – even an empty train poses a risk to the public if it’s operating on the MAX right-of-way.

You can see the full response letter from TriMet, and OSHA’s notice closing the case, here: TriMet’s response to OSHA complaint

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