These Trying Times

Dear Brothers and sisters, 

We first want to say we are with you in these trying times. We may not be in the bus, garage, or office physically beside you, but we are 100% dedicated to fighting for your safety and ability to care for your families during this challenging situation. 

We are talking to all of the Districts and Employers on a daily basis about safety, service cuts, and how to implement legislative relief as it is passed. Our goals are simple: keep our members safe and without loss of pay. We do not know what that looks like for each of our groups, and must acknowledge that it will not be the same across the board.

We will continue to update you on legislative changes. For now HR 6201: Families First Coronavirus Response Act is still very new. It is unclear exactly how it will be applied, and like many things, may look different based on your employer. Regardless, if you are sick or need to be home for any COVID related reason, please reach out to your Union rep so that we can try to help you. 

Please continue to reach out to the office via phone or email with questions. Our staff is working very hard to get you answers or in touch with the right person. Please continue to follow our website or Facebook for updates.

We must ask for your patience during this situation as circumstances are changing by the hour. But we also ask that you have compassion for your co-workers and your riders.

In Solidarity

Union Leadership

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