Take Action Today – It Won’t Take Long

Please call our Senators of SW Washington on the upcoming Senate Bill hearing happening tomorrow on Right to Work For Less! And forward to as many members, friends, family you can we need to flood the lines of our SW WA Leadership! You have members that you represent in SW Washington so make their voices be heard.

Just let the Legislative Assistant  know that we would like our Senators to vote NO on the upcoming Senate Bill 5692 is to force Washington into a “Right to Work State”. they are having a hearing on Wed February 8th in Olympia in senate hearing room 4 at the capitol. Flood the offices today!!!! Takes less than a minute for each Senator!!!!!

  • Anne Rivers – 360-786-7634 – LD18
  • Lynda Wilson 360-786-7632 – LD17
  • Annette Cleveland 360-786-7696 – LD49

This means – workers can opt OUT of union dues, and pay NOTHING while receiving all union benefits such as, worker protection, negotiating your contracts for working conditions and wages. The goal is to bankrupt unions so they have very little resources to negotiate contracts, support their union officers, & making representing their union members more difficult, as well as, pitting union and non-union members against each other. Right to work state workers make way less money than non-work to right states & have less benefits and worker protections. This specific bill exempts fire and police – pitting public workers against each other. This is the first step in privatizing the educational system. CALL your Senators and make your voices heard.

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