ATU 757 Picnic This Saturday June 24th

June 24, 2017, 10am-4pm Blue Lake Park Chinook A & B. Come join us for food and fun! We look forward to enjoying the pleasure of your company at this year’s picnic! We will have Bingo, Softball [...]

Dear Members, We are aware that many of you are members of the Facebook group "Union Brothers and Sisters". Accordingly, we think that it is important that you are aware of the dangers of posting, [...]

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Congress Introduced Right-To-Work Bill

A bill introduced in Congress this week that would establish right-to-work laws throughout the country was blasted today by the leaders of the WGA East, which said its intent is to “wipe out” unions. WGA East [...]

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Union Membership Up in Washington State

An estimated 539,000 Washington state residents belonged to labor unions in 2016, a new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows, an increase of 39,000 from the previous year. Although union membership levels [...]

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President Shirley Block’s Letter to International President Hanley

Thank you for your letter dated November 30, 2016 in which you state that you do not support, nor think it is wise for the members of Local 757 to seek an election to sever [...]

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Letter from International President Hanley

ATU International President Larry Hanley's letter to Shirley Block concerning the challenges confronting Local 757 resulting from the local union's large number of bargaining units spread over a large geographic area. Read International President Hanley's letter in it's [...]

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ATU 757 Important Information

ATU Member Trying to Organize New Local As you know unions have been under attack  from management for years.  We have anti-union attacks from all over the country, from the Freedom Foundation and the Right [...]

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TriMet Probationary Period is 120 Days

Lately we have been hearing from some of our new TriMet members that they are being provided with conflicting information regarding the length of their probationary period. The answer to how long that period lasts [...]

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