I am in receipt of your letter dated July 13, 2017, reiterating your refusal to bargain over the recent change to SOP B903. I appreciate your reassurances that our members will be paid for filling [...]

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TriMet Hop Fastpass

Click "Read More" to view full Hop Fastpass Info Flyer.

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ATU vs. TriMet Case Headed for Oregon Supreme Court

ATU757 and TriMet is going before the Oregon Supreme Court on June 14, 2017. In accordance with ORS 192.660(3) ATU757 believes the press and members of the public should be able to observe contract negotiations between the [...]

By | 2017-03-03T17:02:44-08:00 March 3rd, 2017|ATU 757|

Dear Members, We are aware that many of you are members of the Facebook group "Union Brothers and Sisters". Accordingly, we think that it is important that you are aware of the dangers of posting, [...]

By | 2017-02-22T17:28:06-08:00 February 22nd, 2017|ATU 757|

Winter Weather and TriMet

The winter weather continues in the Portland Metropolitan and surrounding areas. ATU757 President Shirley Block reminded TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane in the last TriMet board meeting how our union and TriMet worked together during [...]

By | 2017-02-03T10:27:24-08:00 February 3rd, 2017|ATU 757|

Apprenticeship Opportunities

The following apprentice positions are now open. Successful bidders will be notified by their respective Maintenance Trainer as to the Program’s actual start date. PROGRAM Bus Maintenance – BUS Facilities Maintenance – FAC Signal Maintainer [...]

By | 2017-03-16T08:50:57-07:00 February 2nd, 2017|TriMet Bus, TriMet Rail|

Working and Wage Agreement Expires November 30, 2016

As you know, the Working and Wage Agreement between ATU 757 and TriMet expires today, November 30, 2016. It is important to us that each of you is aware of our next steps, and has [...]

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TriMet Board Meeting

Join us at the October 2016 TriMet Board meeting. This month's theme is MAINTENANCE! Come and hear your maintenance brothers and sisters testify about their current issues. We are hoping for a big show of [...]

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TriMet Operators Wanted for Work During Rose Quarter Closure!

TriMet is looking for operators to work overtime August 21st through September 3rd during the Rose Quarter closure. These are all straight runs, garage to garage, and plenty of weekday slots. For more information, please [...]

By | 2016-09-19T01:06:34-07:00 August 15th, 2016|ATU 757|

TriMet Probationary Period is 120 Days

Lately we have been hearing from some of our new TriMet members that they are being provided with conflicting information regarding the length of their probationary period. The answer to how long that period lasts [...]

By | 2016-10-19T15:19:34-07:00 May 13th, 2016|TriMet Bus, TriMet Rail|

Lessons to Be Learned

ATU 757 Members: I wanted to share with all of you various tactics used by some in management to erode collective bargaining rights and to cause infighting among members. An illustrative example is the recent [...]

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Rest and Meal Breaks at TriMet

Correspondence from President Block to TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane regarding the 2005 Side Letter Agreement on Rest and Meal Breaks at TriMet.Correspondence to Mr. McFarlane>>| Letter to BOLI on Rest and Meal Breaks  

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