Solidarity with communities impacted by wildfires

ATU 757 is sending our solidarity and support to every community impacted by the worsening wildfire conditions in the Columbia Gorge, as well as the courageous workers doing everything they can to save our neighbors, homes, and forests.

First and foremost, we want to honor the firefighters working to contain these devastating fires, and the search-and-rescue teams helping to evacuate residents from danger: these brave workers have been selflessly putting themselves at risk to save lives and communities since the fires started. We’re deeply grateful to the relief workers who have set up emergency shelters to house and care for displaced families evacuated from the fire zone. And we want to thank and celebrate the ATU 757 sisters and brothers who are working to help evacuate and support nearby communities. Our TriMet workers are standing by in chartered buses to help evacuate communities as the fires spread. And our municipal employees in North Bonneville, Washington are working hard to support their neighbors as the community takes in displaced families, while preparing for their own possible evacuation.

Our communities are stronger when we stand together, and that’s never more important than during emergencies like this. We’re inspired by the solidarity communities across Oregon and Washington are showing to one another as wildfires worsen, and we pledge our ongoing support to those impacted by these fires. If you’re an ATU 757 member in an impacted area and you need support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your officers or the union hall to let us know how we can help you.

And if you’re able, please check the Portland Mercury’s list of resources for an idea of how you can help support impacted areas:

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