Senate Bill (SB) 670

Good Morning Everyone,

ATU 757 has an ask of their members, community leaders, and the community, we are almost across the finish line in regards to Senate Bill (SB) 670. As some of you know ATU 757 had the fight of their workers life against TriMet during negotiations to keep State Certified Apprenticeship programs. We were successful in keeping the State Certified Bus Maintenance Apprenticeship Program but we still have other programs that TriMet refuses to have as State Certified. 

ATU 757 drafted SB670 and it is down to the wire to get this passed through the senate and into law. We still have a couple votes that we need to get SB670 over the finish line. Below is a list of Senators that would like to hear from you so they know they are supporting a Bill that the community and our members support. Please sometime this weekend email our elected Senators even if you are from a different state we want everyone to participate. We elect our politicians and rarely ask anything of them, now it’s time for the workers to make sure they understand we demand to be heard. Please pass this on to the other people in your email list and get SB670 over the finish line! Below is a short description of SB670.

In Solidarity,

Mary Longoria,

The email or phone call can be as easy as the line below or tell them your story!

Please support SB 670 and ensure we have a voice in training and safety at the workplace!

Senator Peter Courtney 503 986-1711

Senator Kate Lieber 503 986-1714

Senator Kathleen Taylor 503 986-1721

Senator Ginny Burdick 503 986-1718

Senator Floyd Prozanski 503 986-1704

Senator Steiner-Hayward 503 986-1717

Senator Rob Wagner 503 986-1700

Senator Chuck Riley 503 986-1715 

 Bill Title: Relating to matters concerning apprenticeship programs as mandatory subject of collective bargaining.
Catchline/Summary:Includes matters concerning apprenticeship or training program administered by certain mass transit districts as mandatory subject of collective bargaining for employees of district.
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