Retirees – Sign up for Pension/Benefits Information from TriMet!

TriMet retirees – did you know that you can sign up to receive updates from TriMet about your pension and benefits, as well as general news from the company?

Just head on over to the Retiree Updates website at, and fill in your name, phone number, and email address. Where it asks you for a “confirmation code,” put “TriMet4U” (without the quotation marks, but with all the capital letters as you see it there). On the bottom of the screen, you should see two grey boxes – after you’ve entered all of the information above it, you can click “Benefits” to subscribe to the Pension and Benefits Newsletter, and “News” to subscribe to update from TriMet.

Take a look at the flyer below for more information. It’s not the most straightforward signup process, so if you encounter any issues signing up for these email lists, please let the Union know so that we can help you troubleshoot!

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