TriMet’s Randy Stedman Wins Scrooge Award

ATU 757 joined Portland Jobs with Justice at the TriMet Board meeting this morning to present the agency’s professional, taxpayer-supported union-buster, Randy Stedman, with a 2016 Scrooge of the Year Award (pictures and video coming soon).

Needless to say, the TriMet Board was not happy about workers speaking up for themselves. They called our action unhelpful and disrespectful. But you know what’s really unhelpful? Using taxpayer money to wage a war on transit workers at Oregon’s largest transit agency. And you know what’s really disrespectful? Acting like the fragile egos of board members and upper-management matters more than the real trauma and violence that transit workers endure every day.

Let’s be honest about who is being unhelpful and disrespectful. TriMet management uses your money to destroy dignity and democracy in the workplace. Asking nicely for them to stop will not change this situation. We’ve tried. Others have tried. For years. But we’re tired of being ignored or placated with empty promises. We will not allow TriMet management to intimidate workers and endanger riders without raising our voice. And we’re not sorry if you think that’s rude.

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