Presents from Partners Holiday Party referrals

Every year, our friends at Labor’s Community Service Agency and NW Oregon Labor Council put on their Presents from Partners Children’s Holiday Party, to make sure that working families in need have a chance to celebrate the holidays with a visit from Santa, presents, and a family lunch.

You’re eligible to apply for participation if you’re a union member in good standing, and you or another financially contributing adult in your household has been out of work for two or more weeks in the last six months. You can also qualify if your family has encountered a serious financial hardship due to long-term unemployment, a medical crisis, death or disability of a financially-contributing adult in your household, or a natural disaster.

To sign up for the holiday party, LCSA and the NW Oregon Labor Council must receive a referral from union staff or leadership no later than 5pm on December 12th. We want to refer any and all eligible ATU 757 members – if you’re struggling due to unemployment or financial hardship, please reach out to the Union hall at (503) 232-9144 or by emailing staff at ASAP so that we can refer you!

And if you’d like to support this wonderful event with a donation of toys or cash, LCSA is accepting donations through December 11th – call (503) 231-4962 for more details on how to donate.