PPS drivers, it’s time to stand up and fight back!

PPS school bus drivers work hard for low pay in one of the most expensive regions in America – and we do it while transporting our community’s highest-need youth. So why is PPS proposing a two-year pay freeze for drivers?

 Portland Public Schools’ negotiating team is proposing a bad deal for workers, and refusing to even entertain our reasonable demands. How bad is it?

  • PPS was short on drivers at the beginning of the year, and so they bumped everyone’s base pay $1.67 as a “recruitment incentive” – whether you’d been driving 15 minutes or 15 years. Now, the company’s insulting us by saying that incentive pay was actually a “raise,” and so they want to freeze your pay for the next two years, even as the cost of living around Portland skyrockets
  • Speaking of budgets, it’s hard to plan for your household when you only get paid once a month. But the company refuses to consider moving to paychecks every two weeks, even though some PPS workers are already paid more than once a month!
  • Type 10 Drivers are getting a raw deal: asked to work long hours without health insurance, protection from layoffs, or pretty much any other benefits – in short, PPS is exploiting some of our sisters’ and brothers’ labor. If you’re driving the same students, you should be taken care of: benefits should be based on how many hours you work
  • The company won’t even consider budging on calculating sick pay based on the number of hours you actually work; no worker should be forced to tough it out through an illness or go home without pay when you’re sick
  • Finally, we all know that routes and schedules are a joke. PPS refuses to listen to the folks who know their routes best: the people who drive them day in and day out. Schedules and routes should be worked out collaboratively with a team of experienced drivers, not some out-of-touch manager who’s never even seen the inside of a bus

 Your negotiating team is fighting hard to win on all of these issues and more, but we can’t do it without your help. We need every member of ATU 757 to come together and fight back! Join your sisters and brothers at our next union meeting NEXT WEEK: Thursday, October 12th at 6pm, in the Scott School Library (6700 NE Prescott St, Room 403, Portland). We’ll go over what’s in the union’s contract proposal, how the company’s fighting back, and what we’re going to do about it – together.


In solidarity,

Your ATU 757 Negotiating Team

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