OSHA Citation at C-TRAN

During a recent OSHA inspection, C-TRAN in Vancouver was cited for SEVEN separate violations of safety standards, and assessed a $13,000 fine.

Inspectors found that the new paint mixing room did not have ventilation to remove flammable chemicals from the area; that maintenance workers were required to use corrosive chemicals without on-site eyewashing stations in critical areas; that C-TRAN did not ensure that workers were using appropriate face and eye protection; that workers were not being evaluated to see if they are medically fit to use respirators (some workers hadn’t been evaluated since the year 2000); that the company did not train workers on respirator use; that the company did not provide fit-testing for respirator equipment; and that the company did not conduct required evaluations to determine workers’ exposure to airborne contaminants.

You can review the full citation issued to C-TRAN below. As always, if you see or hear of safety violations in your workplace, please talk to your union officer and then call the Union Hall at (503) 232-9144 so that we can evaluate how to solve the problem.

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