Oregon Families Affected by Wildfires

Our thoughts are with all of the Oregon families affected by these terrifying and devastating wildfires, and we are so incredibly thankful for the brave and hardworking firefighters and other first responders putting their lives on the line to protect Oregonians.

If you’re in an area near the fires, the most important thing to do right now is to be prepared, be ready to evacuate, and listen to the warnings and directions of local authorities.

The situation on the ground when dealing with wildfires can change in an instant, and one of the best things you can do is stay informed about what’s happening in your area. To help, we’ve pulled together a list of resources from the State of Oregon and many of the affected counties to help you stay up to date:

Even if you’re not directly impacted by the wildfires, the smoke is spreading all across Oregon and making the air quality incredibly dangerous for people, especially those with chronic health conditions. For more information about the health threats from wildfire smoke and what you can do, click here

If you’re looking for other ways to help, we’d encourage you to consider making a donation to the Red Cross Cascades, the Oregon Food Bank, or a local non-profit relief organization. For everyone’s safety, donations of clothing/household goods are not helpful at the moment, and a great way to support the work of these crucial relief organizations is by chipping in what you can.

This is a snapshot of the resources we’ve found right now, but as I mentioned above, the situation is constantly changing, We will continue to monitor the situation and share additional resources on our Twitter page. 

From all of us here at the Democratic Party of Oregon, please stay safe.

KC Hanson
Democratic Party of Oregon

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