Nominations and Vote for ATU Local 757 Elections Committee



WHAT: Nominations for the 2018 Elections Committee

WHO: ATU members in good standing who will not be candidates

WHEN: You must submit your nomination request and acceptance in writing to the ATU Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Longoria, before the start of the March 12th, 2018 Charter meeting. Nominations can also be made from the floor at the Monday charter meeting only. These are the only two ways nominations can be submitted. The official nomination form can be found here. Completed forms should be sent to

TIME COMMITMENT: The ATU Elections Committee meets frequently during the months of April, May, and June. All of its members must commit to attending all of the committee’s meetings. If you have scheduled vacation time during April, May, and June, please do not seek nomination unless you will remain available to work on the committee.

PAY: Committee members will be paid only for wages that are lost due to time spent on committee work. Committee members residing outside the Portland metropolitan area will be reimbursed for their travel time and mileage. It may happen that committee members will be required to perform limited committee work as unpaid volunteers.

BYLAWS REQUIREMENT: The Elections Committee consists of a chairperson and four committee members who are in good standing. One must be from a workplace in the state of Washington, one from a workplace in Salem or south thereof, and three from workplaces in the Portland metropolitan area.

Nominations for candidates will take place at the May 14th Charter meeting. Ballots will be counted June 13th, 2018.