Misleading Headline in the Oregonian

This headline is misleading. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again: we oppose the transportation package because it is one regressive tax (a wage tax on workers) after another (a massive gas tax increase) after another (various sales taxes and possible road tolls), and just the latest attempt by out-of-touch lawmakers to allow corporations, landlords, and the wealthiest Oregonians to avoid paying their fair share for essential public infrastructure and services. It also fails to create any meaningful oversight of the wasteful, unaccountable transit agencies in our state.

There are far better, far more progressive ways to raise money for transit service in places that really need the money. We have always fought for those solutions and will continue to do so. Do not be deceived. The tokenized transit component of the statewide transportation package is simply an attempt to green-wash a proposal that will actually result in even more pollution and unsustainable, unwise land use in our state.

ATU 757 stands with workers and the environment. Who do you stand with?

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