Mercer Fiasco At TriMet

TriMet recently conducted a process to verify whether dependents were eligible to remain on TriMet employees’ health insurance plans. This process was conducted by third-party contractor Mercer, and it has been a disaster for ATU families, resulting in individuals who are eligible for TriMet health plans having their coverage terminated. When members have appealed and submitted the appropriate documentation to TriMet, they have been denied reinstatement.

Sick people are struggling to get the care they need, and we need to take action before any more damage is done. Below you will find the letter ATU 757 leadership sent to TriMet General Manager Doug Kelsey demanding that they do the right thing by reinstating all eligible dependents to their health insurance.

We are collecting testimony from members who have been impacted by this issue. If you are a TriMet employee and a family member has been kicked off of health insurance, and you had a good-faith reason for missing the verification deadline, please contact ATU organizer Andrew Riley at (503) 232-9144 or by email at And please save the date for the next TriMet Board meeting, 9am on Wednesday, October 24th at Gresham City Hall, where we’ll be taking these demands straight to the TriMet Board.

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