TriMet Maintenance Seniority

TriMet Maintenance members,

As all of you know, the fight over maintenance seniority has been going on for quite some time now. And why wouldn’t TriMet drag it out? It divides us. But we are ALL Brothers and Sisters. There is no inside vs outside hire, or rail vs bus vs facilities.

To update you on the current situation, let’s start with the Outside JMEC Hire ULP and award: In 2018 and 2019, TriMet hired more than five outside hires in violation of the WWA. When we won that ULP, we asked that all outside hires be placed behind the apprentices that were in the program at the time the outside employee was hired, in line with the past practice of the parties. Unfortunately, the Employment Relations Board (ERB) issued an order that would only move the additional outside hires that were hired after the contractual five.

This order creates a frustrating result, especially for our JMEC members who were hired from the outside. Some people who were hired in 2018 would actually fall behind people hired in 2019, and in one case, there would even be people hired on the same day who would see a drastically different result.

TriMet has made an offer to move all outside JMEC hires from 2015 on behind the apprentices in bus only. They do not want to move anyone in rail. All of the discussions that we have had with officers and members have been the same: all or nothing. We have been working towards this since 2015, and have been telling all of you that we would do our best to deliver. However, we can not in good faith accept an offer that is basically trading one group’s seniority for another. (please see the attached offer from TriMet).

We have rejected TriMet’s offer. However, we do not believe that implementing the ERB order is what is in the best interest of our members. We have decided to continue trying to come to agreement with TriMet. This means that we will continue to postpone the Sign-up for Bus and Rail Journeyworkers at this time.

We understand that this is frustrating news. We all want finality to this situation. We welcome your input and suggestions. Please talk with your Union rep or email us. While we continue to work through this, please remember that all of us are sisters and brothers, regardless of where we were hired from. DON’T LET TRIMET DIVIDE US.

In Solidarity,
ATU Leadership

Draft MOU on Seniority

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