Maintenance Fall 2020 Sign Up Cancelled

  • ■ Seniority for the bus/rail mechanics has not been resolved:
  • ATU 757 won a ULP which affects the upcoming sign-up. Because TriMet violated the contract when it hired more than five off-street hires, the additional off-street hires’ seniority must be moved behind all current apprentices at the time the off-street JW was hired.
  • BUT this would create an unworkable and confusing result.
  • TriMet has offered to move all off-street bus hires in seniority behind all current apprentices at the off-street JW’s hire date. HOWEVER, TriMet did not offer the same for rail. We are ONE UNION and so we must fight for them to fix ALL SENIORITY.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: off-street hires are our Brothers & Sisters, too. ATU 757 did not create this situation and neither did off-street hires. TriMet cre­ated this situation. Let’s all have each other’s backs, get this resolved, and move forward from here.

See additional information on ATU 757 Posting.

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