LRV Arbitrator Finding

We regret to inform you that the Arbitrator did not find for the Union in the recent Interest Arbitration concerning the inward facing camera in the LRV cab. As you know, in interest arbitrations, the decision maker must choose only between the Employer and Union’s Last Best Offer. They do not have the authority to pick parts of each or formulate their own solution. Unfortunately, when the arbitrator considered all statutory criteria in ORS 243. 7 46, he found for the Employer.

At the arbitration, the Union argued, and still firmly believes, that the installation of the inward facing camera in the LRV cab is motivated, not by safety, as TriMet argued, but by discipline. Your officers fought hard against this change. Many hours were put into this fight, and the arbitrator found our testimony to be credible, sincere, and earnest. Unfortunately, due to the fact that ALL comparable transit agencies have inward facing cameras in the LRV cab, and none of those were attached to any wage increase or premium, the Arbitrator felt that he had to find for the Employer’s Last Best Offer.

Official Notice

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