Local 757 Phone Blitz


My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME], and I’m a [PORTLAND RESIDENT / OR / TRIMET WORKER]. I’m calling because I’m concerned about recent comments made by TriMet Director of Employee and Labor Relations Laird Cusack, calling TriMet workers “not quality” people. Union members have been working on an expired contract through the pandemic and should be treated as frontline heroes. Instead, I understand that TriMet is proposing to eliminate its apprenticeship programs and privatize the maintenance department. These two proposals would make TriMet service worse and prevent workers from advancing in their careers.  

I’m asking that you, as General Manager, stop Laird’s lies. Apprenticeships work. Settle a fair contract now!

Sam Desue
Work: (503) 962-4955
Mobile: (503) 979-7098


TriMet workers have been working without a labor contract for a year. Through COVID-19 outbreaks, civil unrest, forest fires, and personal loss, they’ve shown up to keep Portland moving. Unfortunately, TriMet management doesn’t value these sacrifices. Instead, Trimet has resorted to insulting attacks on the workers. During a recent negotiation, one manager said that TriMet employees are “not quality” people. Meanwhile, TriMet is proposing to completely eliminate the agency’s apprenticeship programs, which provide a pathway to middle-class jobs, and to privatize the maintenance department, which will mean corners cut in the name of profit.   

We need your help to win justice at TriMet! Show your support by telling the TriMet General Manager to stop Laird’s lies. Apprenticeships work!

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