Lessons to Be Learned

ATU 757 Members: I wanted to share with all of you various tactics used by some in management to erode collective bargaining rights and to cause infighting among members. An illustrative example is the recent “block runs” issue at TriMet.

TriMet convinced the former leader of the Union to agree to change how bus operators and other transportation employees bid their run and work assignments. The agreement was made and signed without a vote of the membership, and diminished seniority rights which affected hours of work, work location, run assignments, etc. These changes appeared to benefit low seniority employees at the expense of high seniority employees, providing for and causing a rift between employees; those who had seniority and wanted to keep it, and those with low seniority who benefited from the change without membership approval.

This was a deliberate tactic used by TriMet management to pit union members against one another. Be aware of similar tactics that may be used at your property, and don’t let management turn you against your fellow workers! Block Runs Correspondence| Canceling Orientation Correspondence

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