TriMet Sisters and Brothers: 

January 23rd marked yet another disappointing meeting with the TriMet bargaining team; maybe the worst yet. Although we believed we would have all of TriMet’s proposals by yesterday, we were told, yet again, that they were not ready to deliver. Furthermore, what we did get was only more takeaways. 

Some “highlights”: 

– an ongoing refusal to bargain over the Apprenticeship Programs

– an insufficient counteroffer on road relief that fails to pay operators even minimum wage for their time

– no counterproposal for SIPs

– a proposal that appears to be the initial steps in eliminating the entire Facilities Maintenance Department

– a proposal eliminating seniority rights for rail operators wishing to move to Streetcar

– proposing only a two year contract in hopes of lower wage increases in the future AND

– offering less than a 2.5% increase for both of those years!

Much of our conversation showed, not only a serious disconnect between management and their workers, but also between TriMet’s lead negotiator and his team. Despite all this, the ATU Team remains committed to making proposals to TM that are mutually beneficial and fulfilling all of its bargaining obligations. At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that TM is not making any meaningful movement, and has largely failed to even respond to the majority of ATU proposals. 

We will continue to keep you updated on the ongoing negotiations. We currently have two sessions scheduled in February. Please contact your Union Rep with any questions.

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