In Memoriam: Carl Faddis, 1953-2018

ATU Local 757 is profoundly sad to announce the passing of brother Carl “Bus Man” Faddis, a bus operator at Lane Transit District and longtime officer of our Local, who departed this earth on Monday, September 17th.

Carl came to LTD in 1998, after working as a school bus driver in Junction City. He came from humble means, and the security of a union job – with union benefits – was deeply important to him. As former LTD Executive Board Officer and current Retired Member Chapter Vice President Paul Headley recounts, Carl was flat broke when he took the job, and “he thought he’d died and gone to heaven when he got off probation.”

Carl was born in Louisiana, and if the accent didn’t give that away, you quickly picked up on it when he started sharing some of his homespun wisdom from the bayou. As current Executive Board Officer Bill Bradley says, “Carl gave everybody the gift of a good memory, something to look back upon and smile about, whether that was a little phrase, a pick-me-up story he’d give you.” He was something of a community character, relishing his role as the “Bus Man,” and always working to bring a smile to someone’s face. He believed in working hard and having a good time while doing it.

Brother Faddis was a dedicated unionist. He served as Recording Secretary for Lane Transit District members from 2003 to 2006, as the Extra Board Liaison Officer from 2009 to 2011, and finally as Executive Board Officer from 2011 until his retirement earlier this year. As Bill Bradley says, Carl was “driven by his belief that everyone he worked with was worth fighting for. He always kept his brothers & sisters front and center in his mind, and he often forgot to take care of his own needs while taking care of everyone else’s.”

As Recording Secretary, brother Faddis kept meticulous notes about negotiations and labor/management meetings, and his attention to detail was second to none. Paul Headley remembers two victories for LTD members that Carl was instrumental in achieving: a negotiation over benefits for retirees, and an arbitration on health & welfare benefits for active members.

ATU 757’s Financial Secretary-Treasurer Mary Longoria remembers Carl’s impact on people around him, saying that “Carl was loved by his riders and coworkers. You could just feel the love when you rode his bus, riders from all walks of life would light up when they spotted Carl out and about. He loves the smiles and shrieks of joy from the kids when he handed out presents and candy canes on his bus during the Christmas season and at the Union’s annual Santa Party. He truly gave without expecting anything in return. He made me smile just by being in the room. Carl, you’re gone from this earth but we’ll never forget you.”

After the passing of ATU 757 Vice President Rufus Fuller in 2001, Carl wrote an obituary which rings true for brother Faddis himself, and there’s no more fitting memorial to him than his own words: “But today it is obvious that of all the things he loved, he loved us best, and what will truly last is the respect he had for us, the encouragement he gave us and the respect we now have for each other in spite of whatever differences we might have.”

Rest in peace, Carl.

UPDATE: Carl’s Service will be Sept 29th at Episcopal Church Resurrection at 3925 Hilyard Street, Eugene, from 11am to noon. The service will be followed by a reception at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1626 Willamette Street, Eugene, from noon to 4pm. We will be having potluck, so please bring your favorite dish.