Important Notices for TriMet Retirees

TriMet retirees, we have two very important notices for you from our Benefits Coordinator, Leith Dist:

First, UnitedHealthCare is sending out new insurance cards, and you should be receiving those in the mail soon. Once you receive the new cards, please destroy your old cards and use the new card when you go to see your doctor.

Second, Social Security is mailing out their usual end-of-the-year statements, which will let you know how much your Medicare Part B premiums have increased. Retirees must send a copy of this notice to TriMet’s Benefits Department to make sure that the company is reimbursing you the correct amount on your monthly pension checks. TriMet should have mailed a packet of information about your benefits, which includes instructions on how to file these documents. If you didn’t receive that packet or you need more information about how to submit your Part B documents, please call TriMet Benefits at (503) 962-7625.

If you have any other questions or need support from the union, please call us at (503) 232-9144, and we’ll be happy to help however we can!

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