How Did Hard Working People Get Here

How did we get here? Over the past half century, factories, which had been the foundation of the new middle class in the postwar period, began shutting down and moving to low wage countries, leaving unemployment and poverty in their wake. We must take a stand and support a living wage, good benefits, and safety in the work place. ATU stands in Solidarity with our striking Brothers and Sisters from the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ Local 364! Si Se Puede! Yes We Can!

Just this week, Nabisco workers at the Mondelez facility in Portland said ‘enough is enough’ and went on strike.  Their story is one we have seen before – and has been made worse by the pandemic’s impacts. The Nabisco workers who are members of BCTGM Local 364 were pushed to their limit through grueling hours and conditions while the corporation which employs them enjoys rising profits.  For years these workers have faced offshoring, threats of offshoring and have continued to clock in, day in and day out, to get the job done. It’s time to hold Nabisco and Mondelez accountable.  

They need our support.  The Portland area is seeing another wave of triple-digit temperatures while these workers hold down a 24 hour picket line.  Here’s how you can show your support today to stand in unwavering solidarity with BCTGM Local 364 members as they keep fighting:

  • Support the Line: Stop by the picket line at 100 NE Columbia Blvd in Portland to drop off water and supplies, walk the line or just honk to show solidarity.  
  • Attend the Community Rally: Join community members and local unions on the picket line this Saturday, August 14 to support the striking workers. 
  • Share Social Media: Spread the word about the strike and tag Mondelez and BCTGM:

BCTGM Local 364 Facebook page

BCTGM International Facebook page

Oregon AFL-CIO Facebook page

Thank you for your commitment to the fight for a fair and just economy, and for your solidarity and support of striking workers at Mondelez.  

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