Hood River Bus Operators Win First Contract!

We’re proud to announce that the newest members of ATU Local 757 have won their first contract! Please join us in welcoming the bus operators at Columbia Area Transit in Hood River to the ATU family!

Nearly a year ago, our new Hood River sisters & brothers reached out to us to explore what it would take to form a union. We got together, went through the process to certify them as ATU members, and then went to work negotiating that critical first contract.

John Maher, Liaison Officer for Hood River operators, had this to say:

“We at the Hood River C.A.T. ATU 757 are excited about having our first contract!

The membership seem to have smiles on their faces now with our new wage increase. Some have also been showing an increased interest in the union and it’s ability to give them a voice in their workplace.

Of the several new operators all said they were happy to join the union and have voiced support for what we are trying to do. I think the membership now feels that we for the first time, are being compensated at a living wage for our work. We also have a grievance procedure in place and seniority bidding on schedules and vacations. These changes came through the new labor contract and mark a huge improvement in the workplace conditions and management relations here.

Being part of a union with the size and expertise of the ATU 757 gives CAT bus operators security in knowing that we now have control over out working lives. It means we can sleep easier at night knowing we have the support of thousands of our sisters and brothers across the country who share our hopes and dreams.

We want to thank the ATU 757 leadership for working so hard at getting us our first contract. There were some difficult times during negotiations and I want to thank everyone who provided invaluable help, including Krista Cordova, Jon Hunt and Shirley Block. All these folks put their experience to work for us where we had none of our own. They steadily led us down the rocky and sometimes treacherous path leading to our first labor contract. There were some dark hours in negotiations but we felt the encouragement of knowing the union leadership was working for us at every meeting.

A special thanks goes out to Shirley, who kept us on track and helped us see us the forest rather than the trees. She helped move us past the major sinkholes with unwavering resolution and hard nosed charm. She also provided some much needed humor along the way. Thanks Shirley!

Also thanks to the office staff and everyone for being so welcoming and friendly whenever we visited the big city. You made the Schoppert Hall feel like home.”

Welcome to the Union, Hood River!