Help Andrew E. Brown’s Family

Andrew (Andy) was a shop steward for ATU and when he was laid off  from para transit services (First Transit) his health care was terminated. TriMet could have continued health care under the cares act but didn’t want to because they are subcontracted out to First Transit. He did not die of covid but wouldn’t go to the doctor because  he was just a few days away from being on medicare but couldn’t afford COBRA coverage.

From Andy’s GoFundMe Page

July 3rd was a heart-breaking day for myself, my family, friends and those who knew my father Andrew Brown. I lost my father that day. My children lost their grandfather, and his friends lost a truly loyal friend. In one week, my world changed from thinking my father was just fine to the realization that he was leaving this world. The shock of this sudden loss has begun to wear off, but has been replaced with the shock of learning the steep costs of memorial services. In addition, we have yet to receive what we expect to be a sizable bill for his brief hospitalization.

GoFundMe page and rest of Andrew’s story.

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