Happy Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

Happy Transit Driver Appreciation Day, sisters & brothers! Today, we celebrate every one of the operators who move our cities, towns, and everywhere in between.

This job is hard: long hours, few (if any) meal & bathroom breaks, inhumane schedules. And sitting in that seat takes a toll on your body. But every day, you come to work, you get our riders where they need to go, and you do it safely. You provide excellent customer service and routinely go above & beyond the line of duty to help our most vulnerable passengers. You drive in rain, shine, snow, sleet, or even wildfire ash, because no matter what’s happening outside, people need transportation.

So whether you drive a 40-footer or a school bus, whether you’re working in fixed-route service or paratransit, whether you’ve been on the job 20 days or 20 years or you’ve retired – operators, thank you for all that you do for our communities across Oregon and southern Washington!