Happy Birthday, ATU 757!

We reached a milestone today, sisters & brothers – 101 years ago, the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employes of America Division Number 757 was chartered!

Since 1917, this Local has grown to represent more than 5,000 members & retirees across 20 different workplaces, in cities across Oregon and southern Washington. We represent members as far east as Walla Walla, as far south as Medford, as far north as Vancouver, and as far west as Tillamook. And we’re growing every day – so much so that we grew out of our old name.

We’re operators and dispatchers, mechanics and service workers, customer service reps and payroll specialists, and more. We move cities, towns, and everywhere in between. We work rain or shine, snow or sleet, heat or cold, every day of the week. We drive passenger vans, work trucks, 25-footers, 40-footers, 60-foot artics, light-rail trains and streetcars, and probably a few other kinds of vehicles that we’re forgetting.

But no matter how much we’ve changed, one thing is just as true today as it was on June 28th, 1917: our strength comes only through unity and solidarity. To the next 101 years!