February NW Labor Press Report from LTD

Due to space constraints, we could not include Executive Board Officer Bill Bradley’s report from Lane Transit District. His February report is below:

Sisters and Brothers,

I hope the holidays treated you all well. We’ve made it through the 2019 Winter Bid with around 80 Operators taking advantage of the absentee bid process. This was a decent result considering that there were two holidays during the time period. Like I wrote about before, Union and Management are still looking for a way to optimize this process which in turn should reduce the impact on Operators, especially where relief-to-bid is concerned. We’ll post some ideas for comment and hopefully role out some more structured bidding for Summer 2019.

In other news, Union and Management have settled an ongoing issue within our Materials Management department. In July 2017, the Union filed a grievance and a Demand to Bargain over duties relating to more in-depth purchasing that was being pushed onto our Inventory Techs as a result of the retirement of the former Inventory Supervisor. Our members were more than capable of this work, but increased financial compensation was due. Starting in February 2019, a new classification called Buyer will be added as a represented position, our Union’s first additional represented classification since the 1990’s. This scenario is instructive as it shows time and space can lead to positive results. In an era where attention spans are shorter and patience can be thin, persistence and the long game can still produce.

I’ll be heading to Washington D.C with our Fleet Liaison Jordan May and some fellow TriMet Union Officers to receive training at ATU International. We hope to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and network with fellow Union Officers from around the country.

LTD Fleet Maintenance is starting a new chapter, starting with a new Director and a comprehensive review by outside consultants. Strengths and weaknesses will be found, but we must be open to improving ourselves, Management and Union. And finally, it doesn’t appear that the I-105 traffic nightmare is going away any time soon, so I encourage everyone who must deal with that to be safe and take care of themselves. If you feel you need some relief, please tell Operations. Communication can go a long way in making things better. I hope to see you all at the next Union meeting!

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