Dislocated/Unemployed Workers

Hello union family,

Labor’s Community Service Agency is your Labor Liaison for dislocated workers in Mult/Wash Counties through our partnership with Worksystems’ Rapid Response. In this capacity, I also work alongside Jon Irvine, State Workforce Liaison through the AFL-CIO and appreciate his partnership in obtaining these important resources.

This attached documents discuss the ins and outs of unemployment insurance benefit filings and other pathways to possible resources. This information can help your members navigate the complex situation many are facing due to COVID-19.

I will be communicating with you in the next few days on additional resources through LCSA for our union community. Please keep an eye out for these emails as they will benefit our workers.

In unity,

Eryn Byram, Executive Director
a United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Community Partner
9955 SE Washington #301, Portland OR 97216

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