CTRAN contract updates

Sisters and brothers, we’re pleased to announce two pieces of news out of CTRAN:
First, supervisors approved a new contract with 92.8% of eligible members voting yes! This new contract has a few important elements that your officers would like to highlight:
  • Wages & compensation: a 4% wage increase retroactive to February 1st, plus CPI going forward over the next 3 years (maximum of 3% per year)
  • Safety Committee: members will now be able to attend Committee meetings
  • Discipline: the company will now be required to notify workers of disciplinary actions within 7 calendar days
  • Sick leave buy-back: you’ll now be able to sell back ALL sick leave, and the cash buyout will rise every year (40 cents on the dollar this year, 45 cents next year, 50 cents the following year)
  • Eligible members: travel trainers and analysts have been added
  • Contracting out: the company will now have to inform ATU in the event that they contract work out, and we will now be able to bargain with them over it
  • Unpaid work: the old system where supervisors could have to work up to 6 unpaid hours on their days off has been eliminated
  • Miscellaneous work rule changes
The second piece of news is that 100% of eligible workers voted to approve an MOU with the company concerning work rules for the medical benefits committee.
For more information about the supervisor contract or medical MOU and how they’ll impact you, and for details on the work rule changes mentioned above, please contact your union officers for CTRAN or call the union hall at (503) 232-9144!
In Solidarity,
ATU 757 Leadership
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