COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Brothers and sisters,

We have positive news to share with you. Today, Governor Kate Brown has adjusted the timelines to give Transit and other Front-Line workers access to the COVID-19 Vaccines no later than April 19th. We must acknowledge the role the Biden administration has played in this. The Biden administration has firmed up and increased delivery of the vaccines, so that states can feel confident in adjusting their already set sequencing. We must also thank Governor Brown and her staff. ATU 757 has made a very deliberate commitment to develop a relationship with the Governor’s office, working not only on vaccines, but transportation issues Statewide. ATU 757 has been able to share our case directly with decision makers, and believe it or not, they are listening.

Many in our workforce will also be vaccine eligible on March 29. You must be age 45-64 with one underlying health condition. It feels like we are truly starting to turn the corner in this yearlong drudgery. Let’s take this good news and continue our fight for a fair contract!

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